Wednesday Work Inspiration

Look 1:
Shirt:    Everly (old, but similar here)
Skirt:    Ann Taylor (old, but similar here)

Look 2:
Shirt:    Calvin Klein
Skirt:    The Limited

Happy hump day!  Here’s some inspiration to help get you through the rest of the week.  I’m going to New York on Friday (for ten days!!), so I’m dying for this week to be over.

P.S.  Remember these sandals I told you about??  Well, I ordered them.  They came.  And they suck L.  Very poor quality, awkward fit, and super uncomfortable.  I’m sad because I really wanted these shoes, but they are going back.  I guess I can cross Asos Harlot Sandal off the List.


  1. Love the skirts! hope you enjoy your trip!


    1. Thanks for the comment! Love your blog... I just got that that white H & M dress you have, but in pink. I can't wait to wear it!