Plain and Simple

Dress:             F21 (old, but similar here)
Belt:                Madewell
Shoes:             Steve Madden (old, but similar here)
Sunglasses:    Carrera

I’m a big fan of maxi dresses.  I have quite a few of them and they are all “go-to” items in my closet.  Not only are maxi dresses super comfortable (especially in the unbearable Miami heat), but they always look stylish, without making it look like you tried too hard.  I will keep wearing my maxi dresses into the fall and winter (I know Miami doesn’t really have a fall or a winter, but whatever), accessorizing with cute scarves, a jean jacket, or my Zara army green parka.

On a side note, these pictures were taken in Central Park’s Conservatory Gardens.  The Gardens are so beautiful.  Definitely one of NYC’s hidden treasures.


Jacket:       JCrew     
Tank:         Frenchi    
Jeans:        Joe's Jeans  
Shoes:       KORS Michael Kors
Watch:      Michael Kors
Bracelets: David Yurman, Unknown brand (but, similar here

I spent the past week gallivanting around New York City with my friend Jen from Tales of the Traveling Teacher.  While I was there, we took a trip to the outlets, where I bought this JCrew schoolboy blazer.  I have been lusting over this jacket for almost a year now, but never wanted to spend the $200 bucks.  So, as you can imagine I was beyond excited when I saw this jacket on sale at the outlets for only $129!  They had it in red, grey, purple, tan, navy, and checkered.  I wanted every color, but finally decided on the red.  To me, this jacket just screams all-American… and I love it!

While I’m on the topic of all-American, I want to mention that, while I was in NYC, I got the chance to visit the 9/11 Memorial.  As a New Yorker, I remember 9/11 like it was yesterday, but nothing could have prepared me for what an emotional experience visiting the memorial would be.  I took a lot of pictures, but decided not to post them because I don’t think they quite capture the grandeur of the memorial.  If you are ever in the NYC area, I definitely suggest you take time to visit the memorial.  It is a truly eye-opening experience.


Wednesday Work Inspiration

Look 1:
Shirt:    Everly (old, but similar here)
Skirt:    Ann Taylor (old, but similar here)

Look 2:
Shirt:    Calvin Klein
Skirt:    The Limited

Happy hump day!  Here’s some inspiration to help get you through the rest of the week.  I’m going to New York on Friday (for ten days!!), so I’m dying for this week to be over.

P.S.  Remember these sandals I told you about??  Well, I ordered them.  They came.  And they suck L.  Very poor quality, awkward fit, and super uncomfortable.  I’m sad because I really wanted these shoes, but they are going back.  I guess I can cross Asos Harlot Sandal off the List.


Stripes and Spanish Moss

Shirt:                J.Crew (old, but similar here)
Shorts:             H & M (old, but similar here)
Belt:                 J.Crew
Shoes:              KORS Michael Kors
Watch:             Michael Kors
Bracelets:        David Yurman

After being in the professional world for almost a year, I think that my style has noticeably matured.  I’ve retired (most of) my college clubwear (probably for the better), and I often find myself reaching for workish-type clothes, even when I’m not going to work.  One good example of this is button down shirts-- like the striped, silky, JCrew number I am wearing above.  I’ve been buying tons of button down shirts lately, and I have noticed that they are so versatile.  A cotton version can be used on its own as a cover-up for the beach or paired with jeans for a casual look that isn’t sloppy.  A silk (or polyester, which I actually sometimes prefer due to the wrinkle factor) can be used for the office, or a night out on the town.


A Little Leopard

Shirt:             Zara (old, but similar here)
Pants:           Zara (old, but similar here)
Belt:              Madewell
Sunglasses:  Prada
Watch:         Michele
Bracelets:    David Yurman

Today was the maiden voyage of my new camera (a Nikon D3100).  Before starting this blog, the extent of my experience with photography was an elective course I took in college.  I took photography thinking it would be an easy A—it turned out to be my worst grade that semester.  Needless to say, I am no photography expert. 

I decided that, in order to make my blog better, I would need to learn how to take pictures (in part because I am too embarrassed to have anyone else take pictures of me).  So, I got a new digital SLR camera, and started reading.  After learning a few tips, I took these photos of myself, using a tripod and wireless remote.  Not too shabby (for my first time).  What do you think?



Shirt:                The Gap (old, but similar here)
Skirt:                 The Limited
Shoes:              Joan & David (old, but similar here)
Necklace:        Banana Republic (old, but similar here )

For some reason I can’t stand wearing suits.  Every time I put one on I feel like a little kid playing dress up in my mother’s clothes.  That being said, I try to avoid wearing them at all costs (except when I have to, like when I go to court).  So, my work uniform usually consists of separates, mainly pencil skirts and blouses.  For the past year I’ve been a huge fan of the bright colored pencil skirts from J Crew (I have yellow and green).  I think wearing a classic silhouette, but in an eye-catching color, is a great way to add style to your work wardrobe without looking too over the top. 

This weekend, while strolling around the mall, I wandered into the Limited and found the skirt pictured above.  Such a great find!! It’s just like the J Crew skirts, but at a fraction of the price (originally $59.95, I got mine on sale, only $39.95!!).  The skirt is fully lined, made of a nice thick fabric, and did not wrinkle, even after a full day of wear (I despise clothes that wrinkle easily).  It also comes in a bunch of really pretty colors (I got the red and the purple). 


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The "List"

List 1

So, there’s this thing I call the “List.”  I’ll probably refer to it often.  It’s a list (duhh) of all the things I reaalllllyyy want at the moment, and plan on purchasing if/when my bank account permits.  I want to mention that the List is not just a mental list, it’s like a real list- one that I write down on paper (usually when I am bored at work).  Nerdy, I know, but what can I say?  It helps pass the time and makes my day a little more interesting. 

 The List is ever changing. An item gets crossed off the List when I buy it, when it goes out of stock before I get a chance to buy it, or when I decide I really don’t want it that much anymore (usually because I found something I like better).  On the rare occasion that the List gets shorter, it gives me a strange sense of accomplishment.  More often than not though, the List just gets longerrrrrr and longerrrrr… to the point where it gives me anxiety, because I know I can’t buy everything (I know, I need help).

            Anyway, some of the items on the List at the moment, shown above are:

            1.         Asos Harlot Sandal (here)

            2.         Ash Cool Wedge Sneaker (here)

            3.         Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps (here)