Shirt:                The Gap (old, but similar here)
Skirt:                 The Limited
Shoes:              Joan & David (old, but similar here)
Necklace:        Banana Republic (old, but similar here )

For some reason I can’t stand wearing suits.  Every time I put one on I feel like a little kid playing dress up in my mother’s clothes.  That being said, I try to avoid wearing them at all costs (except when I have to, like when I go to court).  So, my work uniform usually consists of separates, mainly pencil skirts and blouses.  For the past year I’ve been a huge fan of the bright colored pencil skirts from J Crew (I have yellow and green).  I think wearing a classic silhouette, but in an eye-catching color, is a great way to add style to your work wardrobe without looking too over the top. 

This weekend, while strolling around the mall, I wandered into the Limited and found the skirt pictured above.  Such a great find!! It’s just like the J Crew skirts, but at a fraction of the price (originally $59.95, I got mine on sale, only $39.95!!).  The skirt is fully lined, made of a nice thick fabric, and did not wrinkle, even after a full day of wear (I despise clothes that wrinkle easily).  It also comes in a bunch of really pretty colors (I got the red and the purple).