The "List"

List 1

So, there’s this thing I call the “List.”  I’ll probably refer to it often.  It’s a list (duhh) of all the things I reaalllllyyy want at the moment, and plan on purchasing if/when my bank account permits.  I want to mention that the List is not just a mental list, it’s like a real list- one that I write down on paper (usually when I am bored at work).  Nerdy, I know, but what can I say?  It helps pass the time and makes my day a little more interesting. 

 The List is ever changing. An item gets crossed off the List when I buy it, when it goes out of stock before I get a chance to buy it, or when I decide I really don’t want it that much anymore (usually because I found something I like better).  On the rare occasion that the List gets shorter, it gives me a strange sense of accomplishment.  More often than not though, the List just gets longerrrrrr and longerrrrr… to the point where it gives me anxiety, because I know I can’t buy everything (I know, I need help).

            Anyway, some of the items on the List at the moment, shown above are:

            1.         Asos Harlot Sandal (here)

            2.         Ash Cool Wedge Sneaker (here)

            3.         Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps (here)