Beach Style

Dress:              Zara (old, but cute here and here on sale)
Sandals:          LAUREN Ralph Lauren (on sale) 
Swimsuit:       Zinke
Sunglasses:    Ray Ban
Bag:                 Gap (in other colors here on sale)

This past weekend I was in Montauk, New York for my best friend’s bachelorette party.  For those of you who haven’t been, Montauk is a great little surf/beach town all the way out on the end of Long Island.  The first day we got there the weather wasn’t so hot, but the next two days were perfect, possibly the best beach days of the year. 

When I ordered this dress from Zara I knew I wanted to use it as a swimsuit cover-up.  I thought the pattern and bell sleeves were perfect for that.  When the dress came though, it was down to my knees.  Not flattering for a cover-up, so I had it hemmed to this length.  Sometimes its worth paying a little extra to have an item tailored so that it fits just the way you want it to.