Shirt:    Zara (old, but similar here)
Jeans:   Zara
Shoes:  ETRO
Bag:      YSL
I named this post High-Low not only because of the shirt I’m wearing, but because when picking out my outfits, one of my favorite things to do is mix high-end and low-end items.  In this outfit, I kept my jeans and top pretty basic but added designer accessories.  I find that I do this often, because usually, if I spend a lot of money on something, it’s in the form of shoes or a bag.
When I’m deciding whether or not to splurge on a designer item, my main concern is whether it will withstand the test of time.  Is it an investment piece? Will it go out of style quickly? Will it hold up well? Will I get a lot of use out of it?  That being said, I usually gravitate to classic or very unique designer accessories that I know will go with lots of stuff I have in my closet, and will not be easily damaged or hard to care for. 
Take these shoes for example.  Even though they are not “classic,” I wouldn’t consider them “trendy” either.  To me they are a unique statement piece that you don’t see every day.  I was drawn to the fact that these shoes have a chunkier heel, making them appropriate for both day and night. Also, the chunky heel minimizes the risk that they will be destroyed by one slip of the heel into a sidewalk crack (we all know that horrible that feeling). The black and white color also makes them super versatile and easy to pair with different outfits.
When it comes to my clothes though, I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum. I usually stay away from high-end designers, and like to stick to stores like Zara or H&M, where you can get fashion forward items for a good price.  This allows me to try out trends without the guilt of spending a ton of money on something that is just going to go out of style in a month. 
I find that combining high-end accessories with lower-end items is a great way to give an outfit an “expensive” look, even if what you’re wearing didn’t cost that much.




  1. Hey girl, I love your Outfit!
    amazing shoes and shirt" I love them

    wanna follow each other?


    1. Thanks for the comment Angelique! I started following you.

  2. Love your outfit!!