Faux Fur

Vest:                Quiksilver (old, but similar here)
Sweater:          J Crew
Jeans:               AG Adriano Goldschmeid
Booties:           Nine West (old, but similar here)

I went to Boston this weekend and was finally able to wear some real fall clothing.  This faux fur vest by Quiksilver is one of my favorite purchases from last year. 

For a long time I steered clear of the faux fur trend, mainly because most of what I saw in stores more closely resembled road kill than something I would consider wearing.  To me, faux fur never quite looked or felt as good as the real thing (sorry PETA, but I grew up in NY with an Italian mother who has an affinity for mink coats, what do you expect?).  Then I saw this vest by Quiksilver in a magazine and my opinion changed.  Not only does it look more like the furs I remember seeing in my mom’s closet, but it feels very luxurious, and only cost about $120.  I really like 6 Shoreroad's version also (especially because of the hood).

If you’re looking for the real thing but don’t want to shell out the bucks, check out shopgoodwill.com.  They always have a large selection of pre-owned furs for super cheap.   

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