Jacket:            Zara (old, but similar here)

Skirt:               Mango (old, but similar here)

The first time I wore this skirt I was visiting my parents. As I came out of my room, very impressed with my new skirt, my Dad looked at me with a straight face and said… “So, you’re going for the Amish look today?” In case there is any confusion, he did not mean it as a compliment.  Since my Dad’s idea of  high fashion is Costco brand jeans and Timberland work boots, I brushed off his comment and went on my way. Anyway, Amish or not, I love this skirt. I love the bright color and the flowiness of the fabric. It is very girly, but the army green jacket gives it a bit of an edge.  I bought this jacket in the beginning of the summer and have been waiting months to wear it! 


  1. Very nice skirt. And I like your hair. Are the waves natural or you used somethng?

    1. Thanks for reading and thanks or the comment! For my hair I use a cone shaped curling iron with no clamp by Hot Tools (a lot of different brands make similar ones). I hold the curling iron upside down so that the skinny end of the cone is at the bottom. Then I wrap big sections of my hair around it going away from my face. Then I brush out the curls and spray. I have pretty thick hair and have found that this curling iron gives me the best waves and the waves actually last all day. Xoxo

    2. Thanks for advice. I will definitely try this. I have so straight hair that even after curling the waves look nice only for short time. After they look like a mess. Waiting for your new outfits.