An Ode to the Forever 21 Gods

Shirt:             Zara       
Skirt:             Forever 21 (old, but similar here)       
Shoes:           MIA (on sale for $39.99!! last seen here)
Bracelets:     David Yurman 

You know that feeling when your friend calls you at work on a Friday inviting you to go out and you almost say no because even though your closet is full you have absolutely nothing to wear?  Instead of saying no you make a quick stop at Forever 21 on your way home because at this point anything is better than wearing something you already have?  Then… just as you’re about to surrender, you find a diamond in the rough?  A dress so perfect that it just makes you want to run over and hug the random lady going through the rack next to you?

 Or what about that feeling when you’ve been at the mall all day and haven’t found a thing?  Exhausted, you almost walk right past Forever 21, thinking to yourself …“I just can’t right now”? But then, in a last ditch effort to buy something you go in? And as you’re reluctantly making your way through the chaos, you spot it?  A garment so perfect it could not possibly cost $19.80?  A piece of clothing so special you wish there was someone you could thank for creating such a masterpiece? A Forever 21 god, perhaps?

 No? Well, maybe I’m crazy… but this happens to me all the time.

Take this faux leather skirt for example.  A few weeks ago I was on a business trip in Houston, TX.  When I got to my hotel, of course my room wasn’t ready.  So, I asked the girl at the front desk if there was a place I could walk to while I waited.  She said (completely seriously), “have you ever heard of Forever 21?”  While the sarcastic, overly tired, pissed that my room wasn’t ready, voice in my head thought “No, ma’am, actually I haven’t,” I put on my prettiest fake smile and said, “of course!”  She gave me a map and I was on my way.

 As I was taking my sweet time, going through each and every rack, I found this amazing skirt.  Its faux leather (or “vegan leather” as I prefer to call it) and only cost $19.80.  Seriously.  The “leather” is really soft, and feels and looks just like the real thing.  The fit is perfect (not too tight/long/short), and the seaming gives it a more expensive look.  They also had it in a cognac brown color (which was even nicer than the black one), but of course they didn’t have it in my size.  I haven’t seen this skirt available on the Forever 21 website but if you come across it in the store, buy it in both colors! I’m telling you, you won’t be disappointed.




  1. i love this look, cute skirt! good job finding the discount deals!


  2. You look fabulous! Love that skirt & those shoes!! xoxo